Online Resources

Welcome to my collection of online resources for philosophical, religious, theological, and biblical studies.

Religion in the United States
- Pew Research Center Religious Demographics Study
- National Constitution Center
- The Center for First Amendment Studies
- Make No Law Podcast

- An Ethical Thirst
- Blog of the APA
- Daily Nous
- History of Philosophy without any gaps
- Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
- Leiter Reports
- New Apps
- Open Culture: Philosophy
- Oxford Education Blog: Theory of Knowledge
- philosophy bites
- Philosophy Education Guide
- Philosophy, Etc.
- Philosophy Impact
- Philosophy Now
- Philosophy Talk
- Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
- The Book of Life
- The Philosopher's Magazine Online
- The School of Life
- The School of Life: Philosophy
- Thou Shalt Not Commit Logical Fallacies
- Wi-Phi 
- Wilson Quarterly

- Biblical Archaeology
- Google Street View: Petra
- Menorah Coin Project

The Ancient World
- Ancient Origins
Ancient Rome Live
Digital LOEB Classical Library
- Emperors of Rome (podcast)
Lexundria: A Digital Library of Antiquity
Poetry in Translation
Theoi Greek Mythology 

Early Judaism
- Ancient Jew Review
- eMishnah
Early Jewish Writings
- From Israelite to Jew (podcast)
The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library 
The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls
- The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature
- Online Critical Pseudepigrapha 
Enoch Seminar Online
Second Temple Judaism: Resources
Virtual Reconstruction of the Second Temple's Temple Mount

Early Christianity
Early Christian Writings
The Five Gospels 
Early Christianity Timeline
- NT Gateway
Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible

40 Maps of Ancient Rome
Ancient World Mapping Center
Bible Places
Maps of Ancient Israel
- Pelagios Interactive Map of Ancient Rome
- Pleiades
Pompeii Bibliography and Mapping Project
- Terra Biblica

Relevant Academic Societies

- Cult of Pedagogy 
- Education Podcast Network
- Edutopia 
- Teach Thought
- Mindshift

Religious Studies
- Bulletin for the Study of Religions
- Center for the Study of Law and Religion
- Get Religion
- The Imminent Frame
- Interfaith Voices
On Being
- Patheos Library of World Religions and Faith Traditions
Pew Forum: Religion 
- The Pluralism Project
Religion Dispatches
- Religious Education Association
- Religion for Breakfast
Religious Literacy Project 
- The Religious Studies Project
Research on Religion 
- Syndicate Theology
- Tanenbaum
- The Wabash Center

Online Bibles, Qur'an, & Other Sacred Texts
- Bible Arc
- Bible Gateway
- Bible Hub
- Biblia
- Noble Qur'an (Online)

Biblical Studies Websites/Blogs
Bible Odyssey (from SBL)
- Biblical Literacy Project
Biblical Studies Online 
Biblical Studies Journals
The Bible and Interpretation
Complete List of Biblioblogs 
Review of Biblical Literature

Biblical Hebrew
- BHS Online
- Tools for Studying the Hebrew Bible
- Basics of Biblical Hebrew (iTunes)
- Elementary Hebrew  (iTunes)
- Hebrew Verb Patterns

Biblical Aramaic
- Introduction to Aramaic (YouTube)  
Targums Online 
- NTCS: Targumic Texts
- The Aramaic NT

Ancient Greek
- NA28 Online 
- SBL GNT Online 
- LXX Online 
- NETS LXX (translation)
- Audio GNT 
- Greek Word Study Tool
- Elementary Greek (iTunes) 
- Smyth Grammar

Textual Criticism
- VHMML: Resources for Manuscript Studies
- The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (Webpage)
NT Virtual Manuscript Room 
Reference Charts for NT Criticism 
New Testament Textual Commentary
- Codex Sinaiticus
The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library
The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls 

- All Things Considered
- Education Podcast Network
- Fresh Air
- Hidden Brain
History of Philosophy without any gaps
Interfaith Radio
- Morning Edition
- MRB Radio
- New Books in Biblical Studies
- On Being
- On Point
- On Script
- philosophy bites
- Philosophy Talk
- Radiolab
- Research on Religion
- Thinking Religion
- The Bible for Normal People
- The Religious Studies Project Podcast
- To the Best of Our Knowledge