ABC's Black-ish and Cristela

Last night I watched the pilot for ABC's Cristela, a new show about a Latina trying to make it in a world of microagressive and sexist behavior. It is quite funny and subtle in its critique of culture. Another ABC show `black-ish is similar in covering the story of a Black family in a White Suburbia and workplace. On the one hand, I see value in these sitcoms. They use humor to show us White folk how often our treatment of PoC is just plain insulting. But I see critiques from a variety of angels, mostly ABC capitalizing on the real struggle of PoC or softening the harsh realities they face with humor. ABC is going to launch a show called Fresh Off the Boat soon that depicts the Asian-American struggle. Apparently this is their new schtick. Does this bother anyone or do you welcome it? I welcome it but I can see where it would greatly bother many.