Last Week Today * (11.16.2014)

When I managed/wrote for a biblioblog I used to compile a list of important online resources weekly. On the one hand, this was for that blog's readers. On the other hand, it was a way for me to document online content to which I may want to return again someday. Well, this personal blog doesn't have much of a readership, so my decision to resume this practice isn't so much for others as it is for myself. If these videos, links, etc., benefit you, wonderful! Here is this week's stuff today:

Jamel Anderlini, The rise of Christianity in China

Robert R. Cargill, Review of "The Lost Gospel" by Jacobovici and Wilson 

Lisbeth S. Fried, Cyrus the Messiah

David F. Watson, Why the Holy Spirit's Power is Needed for Church Renewal 

Kevin Watson, Catholic Spirit and Methodist Doctrinal Commitments 

* Yes, this is a play on the title of the show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.