Apolitical Christianity

Another gem from Justo L. González:

“...the ‘apolitical’ Christianity that many advocate is in truth a Christianity that supports the politics that exist, that is, the power of those who are presently powerful. What is usually meant by ‘mixing politics and religion’ is very selective, depending on what kind of politics is actually being mixed with religion. To pray at the U.S. congress, to preach in the White House, or to ‘give the blessing’ at a stockholders’ meeting is not political and is therefore acceptable. But to speak at a farm workers’ rally, to bless their efforts to organize, or to criticize the Immigration Service is political. If one looks at the clear contradictions in such views, it is clear that the ‘apolitical’ understanding of Christianity is very political indeed and is intended to support the agenda of the status quo.”
Manana, 83-84.