Most Interesting Writing on the Pseudepigraphal Paul

Several years ago I read Brevard S. Childs' he Church's Guide to Reading Paul: The Canonical Shape of the Pauline Corpus and I found it to be one of the most interesting takes of the pseudepigraphal Pauline literature.* Childs' presentation showed how these works frame and catholicize authentic Pauline literature. Now, I haven't read much on this subject but I'd like to add another book to my list of two: Paul and the Miraculous: A Historical Reconstruction by Graham H. Twelftree. Actually, to be specific, a chapter of this book: Chapter 9, The Remembered Paul. Twelftree juxtaposes how Deutero- and Trito-Pauline literature's depiction of the miraculous with the authentic letters. The chasm between the two is far vaster than I realized. For those interested in the reception of the Pauline corpus, or Paul's views of miracles contrasted with Pauline Christianity's view of miracles, consider adding this book to your reading list.**

* For those who accept the Deutero- and/or Trito-Pauline Epistles as authentic both of these books are still helpful for understanding the similarities and differences between Paul's letters and their function as relates to their reception history.

** If you have any other books/articles on this subject or related subjects feel free to leave your recommendation in the comments. I am not currently studying this subject, but I do find it somewhat interesting.