Orthodoxy in the Present Hour

Two thoughts that came to my mind yesterday when I heard of the failure to indict the NYC police officer who killed Eric Garner:

(1) My understanding of the Bible, and my profession to be a Christian, mean nothing if I ignore the vision of the Hebrew prophets, the call to justice that came from the lips of John the Baptist, and the way Jesus Christ lived the Kingdom of God and to whom he proclaimed it. Creator forgive me. Spirit empower and comfort us.

(2) Orthodoxy is the cry of the psalmist seeking God in the silence, the disparity of Qoheleth, the lamentations of the prophet Jeremiah, the prophet Amos pleading for justice to flow like a river, Isaiah's vision of weapons being turned into farming equipment. If you want to hear good theology find those who participate in that chorus. Their voices are the conduit of the Spirit. Give us ears to hear.