New at BSCL: Should Noah have been more contentious with God?

My first contribution to Bible Study and the Christian Life (BSCL) went live today. It is titled "Should Noah have been more contentious with God?" Here is an excerpt: may be not onlyok to challenge God, but it may be good to challenge God, if the commands and actions of God seem inconsistent with God’s own revealed values and principles. Noah is different from the aforementioned characters though. As far as we can tell from the Genesis narrative he is simply obedient, which isn’t wrong in and of itself, but it does make me wonder if it was what God wanted most from Noah. This isn’t just a theological exercise: Torah invites us to ask this question.

There are three characters in Torah who are given the opportunity to mediate between God and humanity when God declares judgment: Noah, Abraham, and Moses. We know the story of Noah: he saves himself and his family and he doesn’t seem interested in saving anyone else. What about Abraham and Moses?

To read the full thing go here.

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