New at BSCL: Did Noah Fail Humanity?

My second post on Bible Study and the Christian Life (BSCL) went live today. It is titled, "Did Noah Fail Humanity?". Here is an excerpt:

Aronofsky’s interpretation of the story of Noah forces us to ask, “What if Noah would have challenged God’s decision to destroy the earth? What if Noah would have allowed people onto the ark? Would God have honored Noah’s decision?” Now, Aronofsky’s movie is an interpretation of Genesis and Genesis traditions, not Genesis itself, but did he have good reason to tell the story as he did? I think so. This is why in my last post I presented the idea that Torah itself presents Noah as an inferior mediator to Abraham, who bartered with God, and even more so Moses, who was willing to sacrifice himself with the nation rather than give God the opportunity to start afresh with Moses.

To read the full post go here.

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