Most of the people I know see the inherit depravity of the police action in Ferguson, MO. I have several friends who have joined protests, even a couple in the St. Louis area. But there have been a few people that I know who have tried to argue with me about the justice of the situation and I have chosen to avoid engaging for three reasons: (1) I know there is always nuance, but nuance is not an excuse for relativizing a situation or pretending like all wrongs are equal wrongs (e.g., excusing the murder of a young Black man and the abuse of a community by appealing to some theft and small time rioting); (2) it is all too easy for people who share my gender, race, and ethnicity to ask me for an explanation, and ask me to make a case, instead of listening to the people who are actually hurting, so that to engage in such a debate only affirms their subconscious belief that they can't get truth from anybody but someone who looks and lives like them and I won't play into that; and (3) on the flip side, I have used other forms of social media such as Twitter and Facebook to try to pass along import articles, opinions, and videos, especially by those who are there (like Antonio French), and it is their voices who need to be heard, not mine. The best thing I can do is get out of the way so they have space to tell the truth.

So for those connected to me on social media you know my thoughts, and no, I don't think it is my job to argue this or that point because there are other people who need to be heard because what they have to say has more authority than anything I can say about situations like Ferguson and elsewhere.