Study Notes: the rushing Spirit

Recently I've been working through passages in the Hebrew Bible that have to do with spirit (ruach/ רוח). I noticed that the author of 1 Samuel has a favorite way of writing about the arrival of spirit. In 10:6, 10; 11:6; 16:13; 18:10 we find that spirit rushes upon people, or, as the NASB prefers, "came upon mightily" (forms of צלח). Interestingly, the last passage of Judges to reference ruach, 14:6, 19, uses the same language where it hasn't previously. In the Hebrew Bible's canonical order Judges is followed by Samuel, so that's curious. In addition, it makes me wonder if this language influenced the Lukan depiction of the Day of Pentecost where the wind is a pheromenes pnoes/φερομένης πνοῆς, often translated "rushing wind". 

I don't have the time to go through the LXX yet, so I can't check on what words are used there, but I thought I'd share this for anyone with any thoughts on these matters: (1) the unique language here in 1 Samuel; (2) the use of it at the end of Judges; (3) whether it influences Acts 2.