New for BSCL: Was the Prophecy of John the Baptist Fulfilled?

Saint Jean-Baptiste painting in Le Louve

Saint Jean-Baptiste painting in Le Louve

I continue to write posts on John the Baptist for Bible Study and the Christian Life. This one begins to examine John's prophecy as presented in Mark 1:1-8. Here is an excerpt:

"Previously, I have written about John the Baptist’s popularity among the people – The Popularity of John the Baptist – and the content of his proclamation – The Proclamation of John the Baptist – as outlined by the Jewish historian Josephus.

"In those posts I aimed to show that the crowds were enamored by the Baptist and willing to follow his every command and that this is what spooked Herod Antipas enough to have the Baptist executed preemptively. Now I will begin to turn to the Gospel of Mark."

You can read the full thing here.