New for Seedbed: A Review of Thorsen's 'Calvin vs. Wesley'

I reviewed Don Thorsen's Calvin vs. Wesley: Bringing Belief in Line with Practice over at Seedbed. It is not a heavy academic review, but one by a person in the pew for other people in the pew. Here is the first paragraph:

"In Calvin vs. Wesley: Bringing Belief in Line with Practice one will not find a Wesleyan polemic against Calvinism, per se. In fact, the author Don Thorsen displays not only familiarity with the writings of John Calvin, but also respect for the man as one of the greatest Protestant theologians. He quotes from many of Calvin’s writings directly, not relying on hearsay or secondary interpretations, and does his best to be as accurate in his presentation of Calvin’s beliefs as possible. It is evident—as Wesley himself said of his disagreement with Calvin’s understanding of the doctrine of justification—the difference between these two is often just “a hair’s breadth,” but what different trajectories those small differences create! I do not hope to convey that Thorsen’s book is merely a passionless juxtaposition between Wesley and Calvin. He is convinced that Wesley’s vision for Christianity is not only truer to the Bible, Christian tradition, sound thought, and human experience, but also that many Christians, even self-declared Calvinists, tend to side with Wesley in how they understand and practice their Christianity."

Read the full review here. Hope you enjoy!