Sampling The Aramaic Bible in Logos

The good people at Logos gave me access to V. 11 of The Aramaic Bible, published originally by The Liturgical Press (Collegeville, 1987) in nineteen volumes. This one is The Isaiah Targum: Introduction, Translation, Apparatus and Notes by Bruce D. Chilton. Here are some of my reflections on using this volume within Logos.

(1) The book itself contains (as the title notes) an introduction to Targum Isaiah, the translation itself, and an apparatus with notes. In the Logos version everything is hyperlinked in the Table of Contents for easy access. Of course, being part of the program makes it searchable in a way foreign to the hardback print version. The introduction by Chilton discusses the theology, emphasis, formation, and importance of the Targums. It includes a list of early citations, as well as one of other editions and translations, finally a description of the format of this volume.

(2) Readers are provided with an extensive bibliography, a list of abbreviations, and a glossary. 

(3) The indices list primary sources, secondary contributions, and Targumic subjects.

(4) The translation puts the Targumic distinctions from the MT into italics so it is easy to see what makes the Targumic tradition unique, e.g., 

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 3.20.15 PM.png

(5) Although one could do this with two hardbacks, it is nice to be able to open dual windows to have Isaiah right next to the Targum. 

(6) Little asterisks * mark the notes. When clicked the commentary appears in a pop-up window, e.g.,

(7) I don't see an Aramaic text edition of Targum Isaiah in Logos' product catalog. I may be overlooking it. If they do have it, or if they make it available, it would be a nice pairing. 

Overall, for students of early Judaism and even early Christianity (since many scholars do argue that something like the traditions we see emerging in the Targums reflect earlier oral traditions likely known at the time of Jesus) this is a nice addition to your Logos library.