Last night I went with my wife and a couple of her friends to see Selma. I don't have words sufficient to describe the beauty and power of this film. I do know that the snub from the Oscars is a damn shame. It is an indictment on those who nominate, not the film itself. Ava DuVernay has created a masterpiece. Frequently, David Oyelowo's portrayal of Dr. King drew me into feeling like I was watching a documentary rather than an reenactment. Carmen Ejogo played a powerful, strong queen Coretta Scott King whom she resembles. I won't say anything that would be a spoiler. Readers know the history behind the film (with debates here and there over the resistance from President L.B. Johnson), so that cannot be spoiled, but I will say that DuVernay included several scene that were just jarring. The film was humanizing and it didn't feel like we were watching something that told us mere lessons about the past, but also about the present, as Selma mirrors Ferguson in the tactics used by protestors, the debates over those methods, and the response of our militarized police. Go see this film. See it for the history. See it for how it speaks to the present. See it for what it tells us about our future.

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