Interning Thus Far

Tomorrow marks the end of the third week of my internship at Trinity University where I'm working alongside Dr. Ruben Dupertuis in teaching RELI 2355—New Testament. Thus far I haven't done any of the lecturing, which is fine with me because I've been observing how Dr. Dupertuis manages a class, observing his pedagogical philosophy in action, and taking mental notes. Thus far the topics covered have included basic background information about the Mediterranean, Roman religion and politics, and an overview of the history of the Jews. Tomorrow we'll be discussing the variegated understanding of "messiah(s)" in early Judaism. Next Tuesday we begin talking about the NT with the first of two sessions on the Gospel of Mark.

It has been a joy to watch the students process the information they are receiving. For some this stuff is newer and more earth shaking than for others. Some have a good understanding of antiquity while others have little knowledge of the NT or their only knowledge comes from teaching and preaching heard at their local place of worship.

I do know of one session where I'll be doing the lecturing. On March 3rd I'll be giving an overview of the scholarly "quests" for the historical Jesus. This will come after they've seen the various views of Jesus presented to us in the gospels, both those canonized and those not canonized. It will be fun to talk about how the multiple visions of Jesus don't stop with the gospels but continue to modern scholars as well. 

I'm having a wonderful time. I look forward to each class session. These are subjects I love to discuss, so it doesn't get better than this! Dr. Dupetuis has been very encouraging, insightful, and is proving to be quite a wise and knowledgable mentor.