Test-Driving Logos Now (4): What's New about It?

What makes Logos Now unique? Well, primarily, it offers services and tools that aren't included in one's Logos program. And it appears that new stuff will be rolled out to user on a frequent basis. Right now there are four categories of material: (1) Datasets; (2) Interactive Media; (3) Media Collections; (4) Features. Here are the contents:

So far, as I've been "test-driving" Logos Now for about a week I have found the "Features" to be useful and some of the "Interactive Media". I haven't touched the "Media Collections", though this may be useful, potentially, for presentations. And I haven't really needed the "Datasets" quite yet, though I see their potential, especially the ones related to grammar. For example, if I was doing a book study, the "OT Propositional Outlines" feature could be a major time saver:

I'd really like to see something like this for the Gospels and I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that it's in development.