Fyi: If you live near San Antonio, TX, you'll want to bookmark this URL: reinventingthebible.com. The 2016 Lennox Seminar and Series at Trinity University is titled "Reinventing the Bible" and there will be four public lectures open to the community, the first on January 20th, 2016, from Prof. Michael Satlow of Brown University on the topic, "Who Read the Bible in Antiquity?" Here's the blurb:

Over the course of a millennium, an odd and disparate collection of ancient Israelite texts were transformed into Scripture, to which both Jews and Christians attributed religious authority.  Despite the critical importance of this transformation, it is one that is remains largely shrouded in mystery.  To make matters worse, modern scholars are themselves often unclear about what they mean by such key terms as "Scripture," "authority," "religious," and "canon."  In this talk I will suggest a more precise terminology and theoretical model for understanding the development of the Bible and show how this could change our thinking about how, when, and why Scripture came to be.