In the Mail: Garland's A Theology of Mark's Gospel

I received a copy of David E. Garland's (George W. Truett Theological Seminary) new A Theology of Mark's Gospel in the mail courtesy of Zondervan. When I get a chance to give it sufficient attention I'll make sure to say something about it here on this blog. Here is the descriptive blurb:

A Theology of Mark’s Gospel is the fourth volume in the BTNT series. This landmark textbook, written by leading New Testament scholar David E. Garland, thoroughly explores the theology of Mark’s Gospel. It both covers major Markan themes and also sets forth the distinctive contribution of Mark to the New Testament and the canon of Scripture, providing readers with an in-depth and holistic grasp of Markan theology in the larger context of the Bible. This substantive, evangelical treatment of Markan theology makes an ideal college- or seminary-level text.