The 2016 Lennox Lecture Series @Trinity_U: #ReinventingtheBible

If you live in or near San Antonio, TX, mark your calendar! Trinity University's 2016 Lennox Lecture Series, "Reinventing the Bible", will feature the following guest speakers and topics:

- Michael L. Satlow, "Who in Antiquity Read the Bible?"
- Annette Yoshiko Reed, "The Bible Beyond the Bible: From Apocrypha to Anime"
- Valarie Ziegler, "Submission, Sex, and Sinraptors: The Evangelical Adam as Alpha Male in American Culture"
- Mark Chancey, "The Constitutional Conundrum of Teaching 'Bible History' in American Public Schools"

For more information (dates, times, and summaries) on these lectures visit the speaker page of the series' website.