New to AJR: Book Note on Magness' The Archaeology of the Holy Land

This morning my "book note" went live on Ancient Jew Review. Here is the first paragraph:

In 2012 Jodi Magness (the Kenan Distinguished Professor for Teaching Excellence in Early Judaism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) published The Archaeology of the Holy Land. It shouldn’t take very long for the reader to recognize that a career’s worth of knowledge has been condensed and organized into this outstanding textbook—she had wanted to write this book for “more than twenty years” (p. xii). Like a good wine, we ought to be grateful that the author waited to serve this information to us. The work is extensive, covering as much information as possible, yet it is organized as to be accessible, providing the reader with succinctly written sections. Students will benefit from the breadth of data provided. Instructors can be confident that their pupils are getting a more than adequate introduction to the subject. In fact, anyone who is interested in the topics this book discusses will benefit from reading it.

You can read the full thing here.