Test-Driving Logos Now (2): the Multiview Resource (@Logos)

One of the most convenient tools included with Logos Now is the "Multiview Resource". Not only does it "conserve space" allowing for you to easily read sources in parallel, but it allows for searches across sources in a way that is more convenient than previously. This video summarizes the tool:

Previously, a lot of this could be done manually, but that's the perk of the Multiview: it automates it. If you're reading your NA 27/28 alongside the NRSV or NASB while consulting a commentary you no longer need to move from one panel to the next to keep them all aligned. It happens on it's own! Personally, as I've been looking at themes such as "spirit" and "fire" recently, this is a tool that I wish I would have had for a while now. It definitely simplifies things!