Happy Anniversary AJR!

Happy anniversary to Ancient Jew Review and it's editors! 

Ancient Jew Review is "a non-profit web journal devoted to the study of Ancient Judaism." It is edited by Krista Dalton, Simcha Gross, and Nathan Schumer. And it provides a lot of great material that I wish everyone would read! As a frequent reader myself, and sometimes contributor of book reviews, I am grateful for AJR's existence. It bridges the gap between the academy and the public, remaining scholarly yet accessible to anyone with Internet service. For several years I've tried to promote the use of social media, blogs, etc., as a means informing people outside the classroom of the important things being discussed in relation to formative Judaism, Christianity, and related topics. AJR has given me many articles to share on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

In a galaxy far, far away I used to edit a widely-read "biblioblog," which I archived for a variety of reasons. When I shut down that blog this did not signify that I had given up on the hope that blogs and social media could help bridge the gap between academia and the world, just that my particular project had come to an end. In recent years AJR has been part of a new evolution of web resources including other sites such as Marginalia and Bible Odyssey to name a couple. While most personal blogs have faded I am thrilled to see that the original aim of many bibliobloggers have been adopted and matured. Thanks to AJR, Marginalia, Bible Odyssey, et al., there is no reason to remain uninformed. Free and trustworthy knowledge is available to anyone who wants it! Here's to many, many more years for AJR!