Interpreting 2015

Austin and San Antonio from space ( source )

Austin and San Antonio from space (source)

New Year's Day seems arbitrary. Yes, the earth circled the sun again, but the Gregorian Calendar is one way among several to measure this accomplishment. The Chinese New Year is February 8th. Rosh Hashanah begins October 2nd. Technically, the "Christian Year" begins with Advent, which has come and gone already. 

I guess the subjectivity of which days mark the beginning and end of a year is a good thing, because 2015 is ending with a lot of loose ends! It seems like I am unable to evaluate this year without knowing what events that began in 2015 will "mean" in 2016. That said, there are some things to celebrate:

- I had the privilege of being married to the love of my life—Miranda—each day of this year.
- My nephew Liam was born to my brother, Jason, and (more specifically) his wife, Sara. A few months later we met in person for the first time.
- I joined Ruben Dupertuis to co-teach an introduction to early Christianity at Trinity University as a teaching intern and I'll be helping the Department of Religion again in 2016 with the Lennox Seminar and Series.
- I remained sane as I pursue my Ph.D. Sorta.
- I traveled around Israel for three weeks then spent another week in England (Oxford and Bristol).

That's my personal year. Some great highlights, but as I said, there seems to be a whole lot more that will make sense only in 2016.