Review: ePedagogy for Online Learning (for Reflective Teaching)

The Wabash Center has moved their book reviews from their journal to a website (like RBL). I wrote a review of ePedagogy in Online Learning: New Developments in Web Mediated Human Computer Interaction edited by Elspeth McKay last year, and it was published today. You can access it here.

Side note: I listed Western Seminary as my affiliation when I wrote the review. As recently as December I continued to serve as an "adjunct instructor" for their online campus. I wasn't contacted by anyone at the seminary, but I got the hint that my partnership with them was over when I wasn't paired with any new students for the Spring term. Also, my name was quietly removed from their website's list of online adjuncts. I think this is for the best. I am not the same person I was when I became a student at Western Seminary, nor do I hold the sorts of beliefs they want their faculty to affirm, so an amicable parting-of-ways is fine with me. I enjoyed (most) of my time as a student there and as an instructor for their online campus, but the seminary has made some decisions to move in one direction, and I have moved in the other direction, so that chapter has come to an end.