Lent with the Holy Spirit

When it comes to Jack Levison's writings of on the Holy Spirit it's fair to say I'm a fan. I've read several of them along with other articles and blog posts. This is not his first venture into what we may call (for lack of a better word) "devotional" style writing. His 2012 publication Fresh Air: The Holy Spirit for an Inspired Life took years of academic research, combined it with his own experience and spirituality, and presented it in readable prose. Now, Jack is doing something similar for the Lent season, but this time it is devotional in the truest sense of the word. In 40 Days with the Holy Spirit, his new publication via Paraclete Press (who also published Fresh Air), we have forty readings centered on the Holy Spirit, one for each day of Lent. 

The forty days are divided into nine categories/topics: (1) Starting Out; (2) Breathing; (3) Praying; (4) Practicing; (5) Learning; (6) Leading; (7) Building; (8) Blossoming; and (9) Looking Ahead. The Hebrew Bible and Christian New Testament receive equal attention. I look forward to reading through it during this holy season and I'll make sure to say more about the book as I do.