D.L. Matson's "Pacifist Jesus" of Luke 22:51

I know quite a few people who are invested in the study of Jesus as a pacifist of sorts. Dale Martin's recent article "Jesus in Jerusalem: Armed and Not Dangerous," JSNT 37/1 (2014), 3-24, grabbed the attention of many when it challenged the depiction of Jesus as pacifist, even earning responses in the most recent JSNT from Paula Fredriksen and F. Gerald Downing. So I know this is a subject that can illicit quick and passionate response. If this is something that interest you let me direct your attention to David Lertis Mason's "Pacifist Jesus? The Mistranslation of ᾶτε ἕως τούτου in Luke 22:51," JBL 134/1 (2015), 157-176. I heard Mason present a version of this paper at the annual SBL in San Diego and I found it to be provocative, especially his account of how English translations of this phrase have morphed over the years (in fact, he pinpoints the change to August, 1940, in the third draft of the Gospel of Luke for the RSV). This isn't a subject to which I can give much attention at this time, but I thought it would be worth flagging for others. Here's the abstract: