Book Note: Yinger's The New Perspective on Paul

Kent L. Yinger, The New Perspective on Paul: An Introduction (Eugene: Cascade, 2011).

This short book (105p) is a helpful introduction to the new perspective(s) on Paul. It is eight chapters long. Those chapters focus upon introducing the subject; accounting for the impact of E.P. Sanders then James D.G. Dunn; the varieties of NPP that have arisen since then; the debates over when "Sander's Judaism" makes sense of Paul's context; then two chapters dealing with exegetical and theological concerns before a final one outlining the impact of the NPP. This book is written more or less for seminarians and pastors since it shows concern for how the NPP may impact the church, but I think it remains useful for those without confessional ties or interest as well. The end of the book contains responses from Donald A. Hager (not so pro-NPP) and Don Garlington (pro-NPP). Overall, Yinger is pro-NPP, but fair in his assessment to all sides. There are worked cited, suggested reading for further study, and subject index sections at the very end.