Traveling to Israel This June

This June I will be visiting Israel for a few weeks prior to going to Bristol, England, for my Ph.D. residency. As the schedule of events comes together it appears that (if all goes as planned) I'd arrive the first week of the month to accompany my doctoral supervisor Prof. C.A. Evans as he films for Faithlife/Logos. I presume this would be closest to the traditional tourist experience, one I had in 2005, but that was almost ruined by an illness (I was so sick when in Jerusalem). Then I hope to participate at the dig at el-Maqitir. Prof. Evans will be giving some lectures back in Netanya after this and again I intend to accompany him. Finally, depending on a variety of factors, mostly related to funding, I may get the chance to participate in the Mt. Zion dig before leaving the country.

This trip is coming out of pocket for me, so I've set up a Go Fund Me page for anyone interested in helping support me. I know there are far more pressing causes to support on this planet, and the page was set up primarily for family and close friends, but I don't want to miss the opportunity to receive help from anyone out there who may be invested in my education, whether that be former readers of my old biblioblog, or people with whom I've been part of a local church community in the past, I know there are those out there who care. I'm terrible about asking for money, so this is a way to do it without putting anyone on the spot! I promise, if the Lord wills it, I will put experiences like this one to good use whether as an educator, or teaching in a local church, or whatever vocation I fill.