Talking about John the Baptist in 2015

This week I've been informed of a couple more events where I'll be talking about John the Baptist in addition to my month long series at University Presbyterian Church (San Antonio, TX) this May. In September I will give three talks at two hours each on John the Baptist. The tentative dates are the 15th, 22nd, and 29th—all Tuesdays. This will be a similar series to the one I'm doing next month—same title ("John the Baptist: Then and Now"), in fact—but with more content.  While next month's will be for the Living Our Faith class of University Presbyterian Church, September's talks will be for the SoL (Source of Light) Center, an interfaith education center

Additionally, this June I will be giving one lecture at the Israel College of the Bible in Netanya, Israel, on "John the Baptist and the Holy Spirit" as part of an elective course being taught by Prof. C.A. Evans on the Gospel of Matthew. When I am in Bristol, England, later that month for the Trinity College Graduate Conference I presume my paper presentation there will be related to the Baptist in some way as well. 

I'm excited to have these opportunities. The Baptist doesn't receive as much attention as he ought to receive considering how important he was to the early Jesus Movement. Hopefully, I can play some role in getting more people to give this important figure a second look!