End of an Internship

Today is the final day of my internship at Trinity University. It has been a wonderful experience, but I can't believe it has come to an end already. It feels like just yesterday that I met with Prof. Rubén Dupertuis to talk about the syllabus. Now I'll be saying my fair-well. The students have been amazing. What a great group of young people. So inquisitive and insightful. For some this was their first time reading early Christian literature at all, including anything from the New Testament. For others there was more familiarity, but all levels of familiarity (or, lack thereof) led to different sorts of questions and insights. Probably, I learned more from teaching them than they did when I taught! And most of all I learned healthy and insightful pedagogical skills from Rubén, a true class act, committed teacher, and downright good human. His mentorship this semester has meant so much to me. I'm grateful.

What's next? Well, I'll be teaching about John the Baptist several times between this Sunday and this September. In June I'll be traveling to Israel and England. In July I'll be in California to visit my new nephew. So it should be an exciting 5-6 months. Who knows when or if I'll get back into the college classroom. I've applied for adjunct jobs, but that hasn't provided me with much opportunity thus far. I know it is a tough field of employment to enter. Maybe I'll end up teaching high school history later next year. I love teaching and even if life doesn't provide me with another similar opportunity I will always relish this one and hopefully use what I've learned in whatever context I find myself.