Holy Saturday 2015

Sometimes I resonate with the euphoria of Pentecost: expectation, ecstasy, empowerment, and purpose. Sometimes I bask in the apocalypse of Easter: death-defeated, an empty grave, resurrection, new creation. For a season of the year I wait in anticipation during Advent: hope, change, imagination. But I think Good Friday plus Holy Saturday best encapsulates being a Christian: death, decay, stink, silence. What's in the news today? Politicians posturing, nations warring, economies polarizing, a fever-ridden globe with warming oceans, drought causing thirst, earthquakes toppling infrastructure, humans bombed and trafficked, natured cut down or slaughtered en masse. If there is a god this deity's silence is deafening. Atheist are wise in moving on without waiting upon the divine. Agnostics honest in doubting. Holy Saturday is the already, but not yet with an emphasis on the but-not-yet. It's ugly outside and Jesus is dead. Not "but he'll rise again" dead, just dead, in a grave, rotting. I understand why so many want to skip from Good Friday to Easter, but I don't think this is wise, for if Good Friday and Easter mean anything at all there must be a Holy Saturday in-between: the most honest, true to reality day on our calendar.