Pentecost 2015

Today I will spend Pentecost Sunday with Presbyterians for the first time. I'll be finishing my teaching series on John the Baptist at University Presbyterian Church this morning. Rather than run off to our home church we've remained around for worship the last few weeks. It's been a joy. Sometimes it is nice to gather with Christians with whom you are unfamiliar. I've spent Pentecost Sunday with Pentecostals (this is their big day), big "E" Evangelical Baptists, an independent "Bible Church" an independent charismatic church, Anabaptist-Mennonites, and of course, Methodists. So this will be a new experience, though I sort of wish I would see how my fellow Methodists will celebrate Pentecost Sunday being the same weekend as Aldersgate Day! I hope today is a blessed day for those who celebrate. Come, Holy Spirit!