Notes from Class: John the Baptist: Then and Now (Week 4)

I finished my teaching series (John the Baptist: Then and Now) at University Presbyterian Church (San Antonio, TX) yesterday. They were a very hospitable community. It was a wonderful to meet so many people who were interested in John the Baptist both from a historical perspective and a contemporary one. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have shared some of the fruit of my study!

I've posted the notes for weeks 1-3 online already. The final class was primary on Josephus, but it dealt with John's presentation in other faith-traditions as well. For our purposes, and within time constraints, I focused upon Islam and Mandaeism, though I know some Christian groups (e.g., the Latter Day Saints) would have a unique take on John due to having their own additional holy book. There may be other groups who honor John as well, but I'll need to find out more about it. Anyway, here are my notes for those interested: LePort. John the Baptist: Then and Now (Week 4).

If you know of a church community or other group whose interested in John, feel free to put them in contact with me. It's a topic I enjoy teaching quite a bit!