To Jerusalem!

Tomorrow (and Tuesday) will be exciting and exhausting. It will begin with a 6:15am CDT departure from San Antonio and it will "end" with a 4:20pm IDT arrival in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, which is actually the second to last stop on the trip: a bus/van ride to Jerusalem will be the final one. In-between point A (San Antonio) and point E (Jerusalem) are points B (Houston), C (Newark, NJ), and D (Tel Aviv). For the most part it seems like it will be a smooth trip, except that I have a middle seat on the flight from the US to Israel. So, in fact, it may be quite rough: the middle seats are the worst!

I will make sure to post updates when possible via Instagram/Twitter/Facebook. Also, if you're so inclined, I'm still welcoming financial support from family and friends. Thank you to those who have given already, both through GoFundMe and otherwise.