Update from Israel (06/10/2015)

Stage 1 of my trip to Israel is almost complete. Since my last update I've continued to travel with a film crew from FaithLife to various archaeological sites related to first century Galilee and the life of Jesus. We've been based out of Tiberias. We have gone to see the "ancient Galilee boat"; Lake Galilee by boat; the ruins of Migdal/Magdala; the ruins of Capernaum, Huqoq, Sikhin, and Bethsaida; the Golan Heights Winery; and the city of Nazareth (to which we'll return tomorrow on our way to Tel Aviv). I've had the opportunity to meet Jodi Magness, Mordecai Aviam, David Fiensy, James F. Strange, James R. Strange, Dennis E. Groh, Rami Arav, and Richard Freund . There is no doubt that my time visiting these locations has changed how I read the Gospels and think about the historical Jesus of Nazareth. The best way to keep up with my trip is via Instagram and Facebook.

Once at Tel Aviv the focus of this trip shifts to Israel College of the Bible in Netanya. I'm scheduled to give a couple lectures there as part of an intensive course taught by Craig A. Evans (the newly announced John Bisagno Distinguished Professor of Christian Origins at Houston Baptist University) on the Gospel of Matthew. I presume I'll spend time listening to his lectures as well. I haven't made many specific plans for that leg of the trip, so we'll see what arises. The trip will end with a few days participating at the Mt. Zion Dig in Jerusalem before going to England on the 23rd.