Visiting the "Jesus House" in Nazareth

You may have heard about the "Jesus House" by now. (If you haven't, here is the Jerusalem Post article: "First century house unearthed in Nazareth could be Jesus' childhood home".) Let me say from the beginning: I don't see any way to prove that this is Jesus' house. Even our guide—a member of the Sisters of Nazareth Convent built above the site—cautioned us against claiming anything concrete. She told us we must say nothing more than "maybe" regarding this house's connection to Jesus. I talked to a couple scholars while here. The most positive view I've heard is "probably first-century" but that's as much as we can say. The most negative view I've heard is "Where are the coins, ceramics, and other items that would allow us to date this location? There are none." So, we have no way to date the site with precision and it sounds like Ken Dark hasn't been able to provide this sort of information. [Update: It would be better to say, "According to the opinion of some, there hasn't been enough information provided to say anything substantial about this house's connection to Jesus". I confused the media hype over Dark's comments with Dark's position itself. My apologies.] 

On the other hand, the site has been venerated as holy for quite some time and there is a tomb built below it. Why a tomb? Well, this is very strange. Jewish purity regulations would lead us to think no one would build a tomb there while people were present, but what if it has become a venerated site? The tomb appears first-century as well. Maybe Jesus' family has left and it becomes a holy site very quickly, one where someone would want to be buried? This is all speculative and I don't think anything further can be said without more evidence. We may have a first-century home with a first-centry grave below it. It has been venerated for a while now. But we need far more data for say anything significant. Here are some pictures:

Unfortunately, my iPhone battery died before I could take pictures of the tomb, but I'll see if I can get some pictures from my friends to share.