Update from Israel (06/15/2015)

This morning I will give one brief lecture on "John the Baptist and Second Temple Jewish Pneumatology". I'm unsure as to whether this is my only lecture or if I'll give another, but I'm excited to give at least this one. The Israel College of the Bible is about twenty-five years old. It has 200 students making it the largest Bible college/seminary in the Middle East. The student body includes Israeli Christian Jews and Palestinians as well as students from Africa and North America. My lecture here will be part of an intensive course being taught by Prof. Craig A. Evans on the Gospel of Matthew. 

The last couple of days in Netanya and Tel Aviv have been relaxing after several days with the film crew from Faithlife. My time with them ended with a trip to Bethsaida and two trips to Nazareth. In Bethsaida we learned about what appears to be a fishing town two miles inland from Lake Galilee. This would seem to discredit the claim that it is Bethsaida, but this problem is easily explained by the geography of the area. Every 150 years or so there is an earthquake. Usually material pours from the hills above down into the Jordan River creating a dam and when the dam breaks it pushes sediment into the Lake. This reoccurring process has moved the shoreline. There has been many fish hooks, anchors, and other material items found in Bethsaida indicating that it was a fishing town. In Nazareth we saw several building believed to be from the first-century as well as the so-called "Jesus House". I've posted many pictures to Instagram