Supreme Court Rulings on the ACA and Marriage Equality

The Supreme Court of the United States has made some monumental decisions over the last couple days. I won't pretend to understand them all. I'm no legal expert. I do sense that these were the right decisions to make though. As one who has benefitted from the Affordable Care Act I am relieved to know that it will continue to make healthcare available to people like myself. Additionally, I affirm the decision of the Supreme Court to recognize the right of my LGBTQ neighbors to marry. I won't pretend to understand everything there is to know about human sexuality, but I do remember as a Californian that the day after we passed Prop 8 it seemed like we had done something very dehumanizing to many of our neighbors, friends, and family. As an American equal rights is a value of mine and therefore equal rights must be applied to people of all sexual orientations, just as Justice Kennedy wrote for the close of his opinion:

Personally, I hope the Christian Church can find a way to think more clearly about human sexuality. Even as one who supports my LGBTQ friends, who wishes for their full humanity to be recognized by the Church, I won't say that this means I think I know everything there is to know about how modern views of human sexuality relate to the doctrines of the Church, but I do think the Spirit of God is nudging us in a certain direction, an inclusive direction. I pray that we are given wisdom and patience with one another as we wrestle with what it means to be a Christian in this day and age. Most specifically, as a member of the United Methodist Church, I hope that we can move forward together rather than apart after the 2016 General Conference. Lord be with us.