Update from Israel (06/06/2015)

Last night we arrived in Tiberias by Lake Galilee. Our days in Jerusalem were filled to the brim with adventure. We've been to Qumran and Masada. We took a "swim" (i.e., float) in the Dead Sea. We walked around the Israel Museum were I saw several ossuaries, including one that may be of the High Priest Caiaphas. There was the inscription mentioning the "home of David" which dates to the 9th c. BCE. There was the stone that would have been near the Temple warning goyim against going any further lest they face the penalty of death. There was the stone that includes mention of Pontius Pilate. I saw several of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Those things of which I was allowed to take pictures will be found on my Instagram page. Then yesterday we visited the Shroud Tomb discovered by Shimon Gibson in 2000. I will continue to post update on social media when possible.