The Cautious Tale of Reinhold Niebuhr

I won't say much here because what I want—really want—is to encourage others to read James Cone's The Cross and the Lynching Tree, especially in light of the one year mark since the murder of Mike Brown. But I do want to say that chapter 2 of this book, titled "'The Terrible Beauty of the Cross' and the Tragedy of the Lynching Tree: A Reflection on Reinhold Niebuhr", is one all "progressive" white American Christians ought to try to read. Niebuhr's failure to address racial inequality serves as a stern warning against "respectability politics" or "respectability theology", which is a great temptation for someone like myself, especially as I've tried to stay afloat in the world of academia. I presume that there are those like me who need Cone's message from that chapter.

That's all I want to say for the seven or eight of you who read this blog.