Radio Interview: Should You Go to Seminary?

Update: I've been rescheduled for Friday, August 21st, at the same time due to a breaking news story that needed to be covered by the radio station that was going to interview me.

Apparently my old blog post (or, it's updated repost) titled "Should You Go to Seminary?" caught the attention of the program director for a show on 101.5 FM in Pittsburgh called The Ride Home with John & Kathy. I've been asked to talk about the topic for about 15 minutes at 4:40 PM EST. If that's a topic that interest you, and you live near Pittsburgh, I invite you to listen. Their website has a "Listen Live" option as well for those who don't live in the area. That being said, I don't suspect I'll say anything radically different than what I wrote in the blog post, so feel free to read it instead!