Register for SoL Center Class: John the Baptist: Then and Now (San Antonio, TX)

I see that the registration page for my three session class on John the Baptist has been made available by the SoL Center. For those who are interested, the sign-up page is here. This is the focus of the class:

What was the iconic John the Baptist’s importance to early Christians, how is he presented in subsequent art and literature, and how is he relevant today? We will look at the four canonized gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and also other works both canonized and non-canonized (e.g., the Gospel of Thomas, the Infancy Gospel of James). We will follow the prophet in paintings and film. We will turn to the Baptist’s relevancy for contemporary ecumenical and interfaith dialogue. (Catherine M. Murphy’s John the Baptist: Prophet of Purity for a New Age will be recommended reading alongside the primary sources.)