Two Relevant Articles for Students of Formative Christianity

I'd like to highlight two articles that are relevant for students of formative Christianity:

(1) One thing I learned in Israel this summer: we must be cautious when using the word "peasant" to describe first-century Galileans, especially Jesus and his disciples. The archaeological record brings that designation into question. Sharon Lea Mattila's "Toward an Alternative View of Village Life in Greco-Roman Palestine and Egypt" for the ASOR Blog. 

(2) As is well-known, the role of social memory theory in the study of formative Christianity, especially the historian's Jesus, has been a hot topic for a few years now. Over on The Jesus Blog Anthony Le Donne has posted comments that he made on the stability of memory as it relates to eyewitnesses along with those by Richard Bauckham and Chris Keith: Richard Bauckham Responds.