Three Years Since Leaving Portland, Oregon

September 13th, 2012, was our (my wife and I) last day in Portland, Oregon. On the 14th we left at around 6am. We arrived in San Antonio, TX, the late evening of the 15th.

Portland, OR. (Source: usnews,com)

Portland, OR. (Source: usnews,com)

When we left Oregon we were ready to do so. I think there were far too many rainy days for our liking: one Californian and one Texan by birth, i.e., not enough sunshine! But I do miss Portland, sometimes. I miss Powell's Books the most. And I made a lot of great friends while living there. I'd like to visit sometime in order to see them. Also, Portland is about a ten hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area, my home, where my family resides, so I miss living that close to them. At the time it seemed so far away, but as we learned this summer, driving from San Antonio takes a lot longer (about 26 hours).

Would we move back to Portland? Sure, if the right situation presented itself. Is that likely? It doesn't seem so. In spite of my frequent griping, it was a nice place to live. It was affordable for a couple of newly weds. The scenery is beautiful. There were fun things to do. Their obsession with coffee, beer, books, and farmer's market foods are things I came to appreciate (well, I liked books and coffee already). I appreciate the environmentalism of the people there as well.

It's hard to imagine that we've been away from Oregon as long as we lived there. The clock keeps ticking. Life keeps moving.