Three Years in San Antonio, Texas

Sunday marked three years since our last day in Portland, OR. Today marks three years since our arrival in San Antonio, TX. I admit that when we moved here I presumed we'd be here three years max! I was wrong. We're entering our fourth year.

San Antonio has been good to us. It's affordable. I've been able to do my doctoral studies here without having to work too much. We've made some great friendships. In spite of some of the hardships—the most difficult thing, personally, being the culture shock of being a northern Californian and south Texas—I think we made the right decision. Who knows? Maybe it will become home for us?

This means my wife and I have spent half of our married lives in Portland and half in San Antonio, almost. We arrived in Portland on August 9th or 10th of 2009 and then moved on September 13th, 2012. So, that was three years and a month. We'll eclipse that here in San Antonio since we'll be here a month from now, for sure.