John the Baptist in Various Faith-Traditions and Art

Last night's final class for the SoL Center was a fun one! I ventured outside of my expertise regarding John the Baptist into other areas of interest: namely, John's representation in other faith-traditions and art. I chose to talk about John's meaning in Islam, Mandaeism, and Mormonism because (1) these groups have holy writings other than the New Testament and (2) they mention John. Quick word of clarification: I did not deny that the LDS are a Christian group. Their inclusion in this final talk has to do with their writings that aren't shared by other Christians, especially the Doctrines and the Covenants. 

The second half looked at John's representation in music, film, paint, and sculpture. The class seemed to have enjoyed the content immensely and I enjoyed teaching it! For those who are interested, here are my notes and the ppt from last night: LePort. SoL Center. John the Baptist Then and Now Wk3 (Word) (PDF). (All the pictures were accessed via a Google search.)