How to Read a Book, Today

Approximately a decade ago I read How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler (1972 ed. co-authored with Charles Van Doren, to be exact). Although it was a bit dated then, I found much of it quite helpful. It may seem silly to suggest that we ought to read a book about reading books. That's what I thought when it was assigned to me in grad school. Yet reading is not something all humans know how to do well (and for good reason since for most of our history most of us were illiterate). I wonder what it might look like to revise this work once again for a new age: one where we do much (most?) of our reading online (on average), where our attention spans are shortened while our menu has broadened, where it is sometimes impossible to separate credible sources from their fake news counterparts. What might it look like to rewrite Adler's work for today's reader?