Books Received (03/31/2016)

I want to write a quick note here acknowledging the reception of a few books in the mail or via Kindle. First, Yoram Hazony's God and the Politics of Esther. While I haven't finished it yet, I've been a big fan of his The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture. In God and the Politics of Esther Hazony is reading the text with philosophical eyes to see what it says about politics and faith when God is not named as a central character. 

Second, Mark Roncace's God's Story: The Biblical Epic from Abraham to Exile. This book is marketed as "a reader-friendly version of the core Old Testament narrative that is faithful to the original and highly enjoyable and entertaining." Roncace refers to it as "The Message Bible squared". 

Third, A.J. Swoboda's The Dusty Ones: Why Wandering Deepens Your Faith. In this book the author argues that "wandering" is not contrary to faith, but an essential part of it for "God's people". He writes for those who are "restless, doubtful, or questioning". 

While not sent to me, I did pick up the following books at the library and have begun browsing/reading them too: Nyasha Junior's An Introduction to Womanist Biblical Interpretation; Thomas A. Lewis' Why Philosophy Matters for the Study of Religion—And Vice Versa; and Soundings in Cultural Criticism: Perspective and Methods in Culture, Power, and Identity in the New Testament edited by Francisco Lozada, Jr., and Greg Carey.