Logos 7 Release

Logos 7 was released today. I have had the opportunity to test some of the new features. Many of which are described in this promo video:

This version provides pastors with quite a few new tools, including the Sermon Editor. It allows preachers to have an expansive library at their finger tips, one that integrates into their study and sermon prep. 

This second aspect—that of a large, digital library—is not "new" per se, but it is something that Logos keeps expanding and integrating into their tools. 

The serious exegete—pastor, student, or scholar—will benefit from Logos 7's various databases, interactive, as well as the traditional study tools that Logos has championed in the past.

Sometime over the next few days I will make sure to say a bit more about some of my favorite features. In the meantime, watch the video, and go learn more about Logos 7 for yourself.