Textbooks for High School Biblical Studies Classes?

For my first year I've forsaken the use of a textbook for my biblical studies classes in favor of articles from Bible Odyssey and other copied handouts. While there are some advantages—diversity of voices, wide-array of topics, brevity for the teenage attention span—the disadvantage is glaring: it's difficult to teach the arch of a Gospel narrative, or concepts of Pauline theology, as long as the reading material is splintered. Originally I intended to try to accomplish this in class, but I've found my teaching lends itself to driving my students toward close readings, discussions, samplings of sources, and hopefully relevance—historically, philosophically, and theologically. So I don't know if my students are acquiring the necessary "big picture".

Therefore, though likely not next year, I'm considering implementing a textbook at some point in the near future. Since I'm teaching NT right now that's what's on my mind. I don't know that I want a traditional introduction to the New Testament. I may benefit more from two mid-size books: one on the Gospels and another on Paul, since that's the bulk of my class. I'm viewing a sample of John T. Carroll's 'Jesus and the Gospels' and something akin might work. My audience is mostly Christian, mostly Roman Catholic amongst the Christians, but also diverse enough for me to avoid confessional literature. That said, I don't necessarily want raw historical critical readings either. I'd like a textbook that pushes my students to encounter the ideas of the New Testament. I'd even like to see some engagement with the reception history of interpretive traditions (Catholic, Anglican, Wesleyan, Pentecostal, et al.).

Is there any book(s) on the Gospels and/or Paul that fit my (admittedly vague) description?

(Also, if you're inclined toward the OT, I'd take recommendations that direction as well.)